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Cheap Quality Gaming Keyboards

 What are Gaming Keyboards??
Product DetailsThe world of computer games is constantly growing, birthing increasingly involved and complex games every day. This being the case, the avid gamer is posed with a problem. A more complex game demands a more complex controller. For example, the same controller or keyboard used to play old, popular games like Pac-Man or Tetris is no longer sufficient for today's games.
The gaming industry's solution to this problem is the gaming keyboard. These keyboards are
overhauled, customized versions of the factory standard keyboards that can be found at businesses or in many households. Gaming keyboard manufacturers take the design of a regular keyboard and then determine what changes could be made to make controlling video games easier and more convenient.
Many gaming keyboards are equipped with reprogrammable keys that serve whatever function you assign to them. This allows the user to create a one-of-a-kind setup that is specifically tailored to his liking. Additionally, gaming keyboards often offer a built-in joystick. This stick allows the user to easily and seamlessly control several axis of movement at once if used in conjunction with the mouse.
In today's world where comfort is often a deciding factor between purchasing one item over another, many gaming keyboards also make the effort to be more ergonomic for their users. Curving the keyboard to fit a more natural arm position for the user, or providing better wrist support are common ergonomic improvements that can be found in gaming keyboards.
Further enhancing ergonomics is the specific placement of certain keys on the board. Instead of placing important keys in awkward or hard to reach places, the manufacturers of gaming keyboards aim to maximize ease of use. Instead of straining your pinky finger to reach the key assigned to crouching, for example, a gaming keyboard may allow you to reprogram the crouch function to one of the more comfortably located keys.
Another feature of many gaming keyboards is a custom sticker overlay. The overlay is placed onto some keyboards and customizes the labeling of the keys and may include a stylish graphic of some sort. However, some gamers prefer not to clutter their keyboard with these graphics and can easily remember which buttons serve which functions. Whether you desire an overlay or not, an overlay is usually not the decision-making factor that influences a gamer to buy one keyboard over another. Ergonomics, key placement and programmabiliy are the primary considerations when buying a gaming keyboard.

 The Advantage of a Gaming Keyboard

Your PC keyboard is an important part of your PC setup as it allows you to communicate with the system. For most users, the standard PC keyboard is perfectly adequate, especially when it comes to the everyday tasks of web-browsing, email and word processing. However, for gamers, a standard keyboard might not be the best choice.

When gaming, keyboards take a tremendous amount of punishment, especially when gaming sessions stretch into several hours. Pressing the same keys time after time can have a detrimental effect on the keyboard and can eventually damage the keyboard altogether, perhaps rendering certain keystrokes unusable. Gaming keyboards are designed to be altogether more resilient to the demands of PC gamers, with many featuring buttons made of more durable compounds, or containing sturdier interior components.

However, it's not just the durability of the keyboard that sets gaming keyboards apart from their standard counterparts. Keyboards come in various shapes and sizes, and most gaming keyboards are more ergonomic in design than standard keyboards, meaning that they bring a greater level of comfort to the user; some come with a natural wrist alignment so that your wrists sit in a more comfortable position than they would normally, while others feature wrist-rests on which to rest your wrists in order to cut down on the levels of strain your fingers and wrists will undergo while playing.

Most gaming keyboards feature a series of programmable 'hot keys' that can be set to perform an array of in-game manoeuvres and actions with a single press, which otherwise might involve several keystrokes to perform. Another benefit of gaming keyboards is their slightly quicker response time between keystroke and action. For example, on a standard keyboard, there is a short delay between a key press and the result appearing on screen; to the naked eye this delay is almost imperceptible, but a gaming keyboard can shorten the delay still further, making the imperceptible instantaneous.

Many gamers know that to get the best out of the on-screen action, games are best played in dim light so as to cut down on on-screen reflections, and to aid gamers, many PC gaming keyboards feature backlighting which help players to always ensure they can hit the right buttons without having to take their eyes away from the screen.

If you're serious about playing games, especially online games, you might find your scores are lacking due to the equipment you're using. While you might have a fast, high-powered PC system, using a generic keyboard and mouse can be detrimental to your games performance and gaming experience and for most serious gamers, investing in a PC gaming mouse and keyboard is an essential step to take.
Tips to Choose a Gaming Keyboards

1. Mechanical Keyboards Are Where It’s At

The ‘mechanical’ in mechanical keyboards refer to the switches used.  Cheap, lower-end keyboards employ rubber dome switches, which result in softer, quieter key pressing.  In contrast, mechanical switches are characterized by their more satisfying clicks, the result of each individualized springs for each key.
But the main reason gamers and typing enthusiasts simply prefer mechanical is:
Mechanical switches simply feel better.

This is largely because of the type of feedback given with each keypress.  Some switches
If you are looking to join ranks of elite, pro-gamers, you should definitely consider replacing cheap, rubber membrane keyboard with a solid mechanical gaming keyboard. You’ll be hard pressed to find non-mechnical keyboards at a serious LAN event, and for a good reason.

2. Know your switches

Ultimately, it are your switches that determine the feel and comfort of your keyboard.  Like most things, there are no “best” switches, as they are largely preference.  That being said, there are many types and brands of keyboard switches, and it is certainly worth differentiating between them if you want to buy a keyboard the fits your needs.  Cherry MX switches are the most popular switch provider for gaming keyboards, so it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each type.
Before going over each Cherry MX switch variation, it would be helpful to understand switch terminology:
Here is a sweet and simple evaluation of each switch:

3. To Keypad, or to 10-Keyless

Believe it or not, whether or not you opt for a keypad can greatly change the overall feel of your keyboard.  Really it, it comes down to extra functionality, versus simplicity and portability.

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